Storage Bag 

PP Marlin


  • Heavy Duty insulated fishing bag.
  • Designed exclusively for the tournament winning marlin that needs to be kept cool.
  • Made of PVC mesh, with thick insulated foam, the bag opens at for easy cleaning and
    folds securely for storage with a Velcro tag.
  • The Marlin bag has three zippers, one along the top and two separate zips on the
  • This is so you can simply leave the marlin head and/or tail out of the bag if too
    long for the bag.
  • Simply pack ice around your catch and zip the bag up to keep your fish in prime table
    condition and to prevent valuable weight loss through dehydration.
  • The bag is designed to keep your catch cool and should NOT be used as a method of
    transporting your catch.
  • Dimension: L84" x D1.5" x H36"

USD 139.00

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